2020 Rides into the history books...

Thank you to all our volunteers, participants, guests, and especially SPONSORS, that helped make the 2020 Rex Allen Days THE BEST Festival in Arizona in 2020.  Of course, it really was, nearly, the ONLY event in Arizona, with so many being canceled.  We thank all who spent this year with us.

There were no tremendous COVID outbreaks after Rex Allen Days.  And a LOT of fun was had by the many who came to watch, play and compete.

We're making plans for 2021.  We hope to see you there.

Have a Safe and Happy end to 2020.  

All attendees of Rex Allen Days, Inc. sponsored events attend/participate at their own risk.  ARS equine statues enforced.  Those not willing to release Rex Allen Days, Inc. from liabilities of illness, sickness, injuries of all sorts are prohibited from entry or participation.  Individuals on  on-site or at locations of Rex Allen Days, Inc. sponsored events shall release from all liabilities of all injuries, illness, sickness Rex Allen Days, Inc. and it's vendors, contractors, volunteers and vendors, and assume all responsibilities for the actions, sickness, illness and any injuries of themselves and any minors thereat.