Carnival  Wristband Coupons

Tickets on sale Online now!  Watch for in-store locations to be posted here and on Facebook!  All Tickets bought after Sept 22nd will be held will-call.  Carnival tickets can be redeemed with receipt of online purchase at the carnival box office, wristbands good for the day redeemed.  Rodeo tickets will be held at the arena box office.  Tickets good for the day redeemed.  If you like multiple days for either event, multiple tickets can be bought, and needed quantities redeemed the 1st day, the remainder the 2nd day, etc.
Online sales
have ended
for 2019.
Please purchase
tickets at the
carnival box office

Rodeo Tickets

All Tickets General Admission.  Online tickets held will-call at arena box for pickup.  Tickets good for the day picked up only; notify the box office if attending both performances.
rodeo ticket sales
online have ended
for 2012. 
tickets available
at the arena box
office for purchase